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Taleem is the best free kids Islamic app of 2020 in India available for Android smartphones. This app covers all the authentic dua for Muslims to supplicate daily and on special occasions along with short surahs. Moreover, Taleem is loaded with multimedia files to engage kids in learning dua and surahs with interest.

Taleem app is now a very interactive way for our dearest kids to learn, memorize, and use duas in their daily lives in a very easy and interesting and modern way. Who would not want their kids to learn Dua and kalima in the way their kids would love too? Kids from an early age can use this app to build basic Islamic knowledge and bring using duas in practice. With the pictorial representation, kids can learn faster.

Taleem app has every Dua/kalima/surah in three translations. Yes, you heard it right! Dive into the app and improvise your little ones with all the authentic Duas kalima and short surahs you would want your kid to learn.

Audio recitation of surah adds up to everything, like a cherry on the cake😃 You only have to play the audio and indulge your little one into surahs. Alongside we got you a video representation of full salah for our kids with subtitles in Urdu and English. Video representation is very impactful on kids. Kids adapt very quickly to video representation.

Moreover, we have categories based on age groups. Starting from age 4 when your kids start speaking fluently and asking you a lot of questions, feed and indulge them with all the basic duas. To age 14, at which point our kids should know proper methods of namaz, wudu, essential surahs, and much more. Use this app daily and see your kids improvise in Islamic knowledge.

This app has duas, kalimas, and surahs categorized as follows:
KALIMAH: This category includes all of the kalima we would want our kids to memorize.
AGE 4-6: Teach your kids all the basic duas they could learn at this age (e.g. while waking up from sleep, while eating, while leaving home, etc.).
AGE 7-9: At this age, kids can learn about the methods of wudu, ghusl, namaz, and much more. We got pictorial representation and translations of (Method of ghusl, Method of wudu, Obligatory acts of namaz, etc.).
AGE 10-14: This is the last phase of kids being kids in Islam. Fill them with authentic Islamic knowledge including personal hygiene essential surahs and ayahs. In this category, we also got the basic most effective hadees and much more.

In conclusion, download Taleem app and make teaching your kids your cup of tea and interactive for those babies too😇

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